The owners of COMPASS have twenty six years experience with software development and we are veterans to the retail pool and spa service industry. We definitely understand the business needs and processes required  to run your retail business.  COMPASS has designed a full suite of software applications for your online retail store, POS, Inventory Control, Scheduling and Service Order software for your store.  Your technicians will be more efficient while taking care of your clients. Do away with your folders and clipboards with COMPASS scheduling and service order software.  Your technicians will be able to use tablets and connect to our web based application to process each client’s request for service.  Our POS is in a class of it’s own with the extra functionality offered over most POS systems on the market today.  COMPASS also offers accounts payable, payroll and general ledger modules to complete the entire financial process for servicing your customers and supporting your employees.

Our user friendly Dashboard helps each retail pool and spa dealer to easily monitor and review the status of a work order. Whether it be a pool installation, pool opening, maintenance or pool closing, your technicians will easily be able to track every step and the status of the work order. The dashboard serves as a daily schedule of the service calls scheduled for each technician.


COMPASS is taking technology to the next level for pool and spa dealers. COMPASS POS has the most user friendly functionality of any POS on the market by Identifying top sellers, retail trends and peak sales.  The desktop icons and search features make this POS a smooth transition from your previous POS vendor.  COMPASS POS works with most bar code scanning devices and receipt printers as well as emailing the customer receipt.  COMPASS offers several inventory control features including overselling with automatic low inventory reminders every 5 minutes.  COMPASS staff works with your inventory control person to extract a current inventory list and upload it into COMPASS.  Our  inventory migration into COMPASS is a service we offer to help you balance your inventory.  COMPASS POS offers a variety of sales and receipt reports that can be printed on any printer other than a receipt printer.  Email and texting customer orders are ready, is just part of our everyday service we offer.  Reward Customers with personalized discounts and loyalty programs.

eCommerce Website

COMPASS eCommerce website is designed to help your store sell more products online and improve customer service. The site is designed to support any type of inventory product that could be sold in the store and can integrate with most POS (Point of Sale) systems on the market today.

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Quality Features

COMPASS software makes pool maintenance easier
Pool and Spa Work Orders for Water Testing Near Louisville, Kentucky (KY)

Work Orders

Pool & Spa Service

COMPASS Work Orders consists of a combination of pool and spa work orders. The supplies needed for each type of work order are uploaded with the work order. The technicians have the ability to take photos of the pool and spas before and after service has been completed. Technicians can also capture photos of equipment to operate each pool and spa. The photos are stored with the customer profile and may be processed and stored with the work order from which they were taken. A customer receipt will be created from the work order and can be emailed to the customer once the work order is completed.

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Pool and Spa Technician Adding Customer Notes for Recall and Marketing Purposes Near Louisville, Kentucky (KY)


Individual Customer Details

The technicians are able to create notes with each work order that can be stored with the customer’s profile. The work order notes can remain with each work order or be copied to the customer’s profile. Reports can be generated from the Notes section and used for recall and marketing purposes to your clients.

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Customer Marketing Integration for Emailing Pool and Spa Supply Reminders Near Louisville, Kentucky (KY)


Other System Integration

COMPASS was designed to serve as an electronic work order system integrating with several other accounts receivable systems and water chemical analyzer systems. One of the visions our owners had when developing COMPASS would be the availability to use the software as a marketing tool. COMPASS can generate reports to inform the owners and technicians of the pool supplies a customer may need along with reporting if a new pool liner is required next year. This information is also commented on the customer receipt with each work order. Emailing the customers special announcements or supply/accessory sales are easily handled. The marketing capabilities are endless with COMPASS and sure to be a quick ROI for your company.

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COMPASS Software Screens

COMPASS Software Dashboard for Pool Technicians Near Louisville, Kentucky (KY)


COMPASS Software for Spa Maintenance Near Louisville, Kentucky (KY)

Spa Maintenance

COMPASS Software for Creating Work Orders Near Louisville, Kentucky (KY)

Work Order

COMPASS is a very intuitive, user friendly, system for your technicians to learn. COMPASS is a web based application, and it can be accessed via a tablet, iPad, cell phone, laptop or PC connected to the internet. Phase III of this project will include a mobile app and interactive website and client portal.

Our Success Formula

A proven process that produces results
Reduce Routine Repair Time with Notes and Supply Lists Near Louisville, Kentucky (KY)


Routine Repair Time

Reduce repair time by 40% using notes and automatic supply lists from work orders.

Reduce Technician Errors for Unique Customer Setups Near Louisville, Kentucky (KY)


Technician Errors

80% fewer technician errors by viewing easy-to-see notes for unique customer setups.

Satisfied Customers from Fast Repairs and Maintenance Near Louisville, Kentucky (KY)


Customer Satisfaction

Double the customer satisfaction with faster repairs, fixed right the first time.