COMPASS is an intuitive, user-friendly, profile web-based system that helps take the guess work out of the pool and spa industry. COMPASS can be accessed via tables, iPad, Laptop or PC. COMPASS was designed to serve as an electronic work order system integrating with several other POS, Accounts Receivable and water chemical analyzer systems. One of our visions while developing COMPASS was the opportunity to use the software as a marketing tool. COMPASS can generate reports to inform the business owners and technicians of what a customer may need along with reporting if a new pool liner is required for a customer for the next year.

This information can be included on the customer receipt with each work order. COMPASS may also be used as a simple and efficient way to inform customers about upcoming sales on pool supplies and accessories, and new releases in the swimming pool and pool supplies industry. The marketing capabilities are endless with COMPASS and are sure to be yield a great return on your investment if implemented by your company.

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